Trust Receipt Agreement Uob

Trust Receipt Agreement: Understanding UOB’s Trust Receipt Financing

For businesses looking to secure financing, trust receipt agreements provide a viable option. One such solution is offered by United Overseas Bank (UOB). By leveraging their trust receipt financing, businesses can get access to capital to fund their operations and achieve their goals.

What is a Trust Receipt Agreement?

A trust receipt agreement is a legal document between a lender and borrower. In this agreement, the lender provides financing to the borrower, who pledges goods or merchandise as collateral. This collateral acts as security for the loan, and the borrower can use the funds to finance its operations, purchase inventory, or pay off debts.

How UOB’s Trust Receipt Financing Works

UOB’s trust receipt financing is designed specifically for businesses, providing them with an affordable and flexible way to finance their operations. Here is how it works:

1. The borrower applies for a trust receipt loan from UOB to finance its operations, purchase inventory, or pay off debts.

2. The borrower purchases goods or merchandise from suppliers and agrees to deliver them to customers.

3. UOB agrees to pay the supplier, on behalf of the borrower, for the goods or merchandise.

4. The supplier releases the goods or merchandise to the borrower, who takes possession of them and becomes the owner of the goods.

5. The borrower holds the goods in trust for UOB as collateral for the loan.

6. The borrower sells the goods to customers, using the proceeds to pay off the loan.

Benefits of UOB’s Trust Receipt Financing

There are several benefits to using UOB’s trust receipt financing. First, it can be an affordable solution for businesses that need access to capital. Second, it is a flexible solution that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of a business. Third, it provides businesses with a reliable source of financing that they can depend on.

Additionally, UOB’s trust receipt financing can help businesses improve their credit score. By borrowing money and paying it back on time, businesses can demonstrate their creditworthiness, thus making it easier for them to secure financing in the future.


UOB’s trust receipt financing offers businesses a viable solution for securing financing. By leveraging their trust receipt agreement, businesses can access capital to fund their operations, purchase inventory, or pay off debts. With its affordability, flexibility, and reliability, UOB’s trust receipt financing provides businesses with a path to success.